Our project

Europe: so far, so near is a Comenius Bilateral Project which aim is to increase and empower the mutual understanding and dialogue among different cultures, namely the ones from Portugal and Poland.

Therefore, it will focus on approaching the cultural heritage and the traditions of these two European countries, in what concerns their traditional festivities and their customs, songs and dances. It proposes the creation of a multicultural and multilinguistic educational relationship with a view to strengthening students’ own identity, but also to improving their European identity and assuming responsibility for promoting heritage values of European people.

We will study and disseminate knowledge about the cultural heritage of the partner countries and will use it as privileged means of facilitating mutual comprehension among countries because we intend to emphasize the differences and uniqueness of each country as well as, and above all, the similarities and the connections between both partners. The educational process for its development will be one of tolerance, respect and acceptance of the diversity of human life. This will be done not only among the school community (students and staff) but also among the local communities.

The activities of the project aim to develop the students’ capacity to create and sustain environment that respects cultural differences and equality, to support the development of skills, namely their communications skills in the English Language and in the use of ICT, and to enhance values that will be of great importance in their personal life and professional career.