Lousado’s traditional festivity in honour of Santa Marinha

Last weekend we went to Lousado’s traditional festivity in honour of Santa Marinha.

For three days there were some activities which brought a lot of visitors to our village and Lousado was decorated with colourful arches and lights. During those days, visitors had the opportunity to watch some music shows with famous singers and performances by traditional folk groups. There were also some stands that sold pastries, shoes, clothes, toys, CDs and other things and some merry-go-rounds where we spent all our money and had a great time!

The last day was dedicated to a religious procession with horses, boyscouts and people dressed up as angels, saints and other religious figures. This annual festivity ended with an amazing firework that could be seen from the nearby villages.

We spent a lovely time there with our friends.

See ya!

Andreia, Diogo and Tiago (TG 07/10)