Comenius Meeting in Przygodzice, Poland

Photos of the meeting

The first meeting of our Comenius Project “ Europe: so far, so near“ took place at Liceum Ogólnoksztalcace in Przygodzice, Poland. Between 11th and 20th April, sixteen students and three teachers from FORAVE met the Polish Comenius team to discuss and evaluate the development of the project and to carry out the planned activities.
During ten amazing days there were meetings to discuss the products that had already been made and to plan the future ones; students´ presentations about one´s school/country and about the differences and similarities on how both countries celebrated one of the most important European traditional festivities (Easter); field trips to Wroclaw, Auschwitz and to the Przygodzice region; a small show with traditional Portuguese music and dances and some time to work on the Multilingual Dictionary.

This meeting gave all our students and teachers the chance to get to know each other and to compare and better understand their different cultures, educational systems and ways of living. It also made us develop our language skills and gave as the chance to make new friends.

„…it was one of the most exciting experiences in my life. I had the opportunity to practice English and meet new friends…” (Kinga Dabek)

„I learned a lot about a different culture, customs, and style of life. We got on very well with our Portuguese friends. Since the visit we’ve been keeping in touch by e-mail and online messengers.” (Jarek Kempinski)

“For me it was an extremely positive experience because I got to know a different country and culture and I made new friends. I must thank Mateusz´ family for being so warm and kind and for introducing me to the local way of living and traditions.” (João Areal)

“I think my visit to Przygodzice was a very enriching one because I had the opportunity to develop my language skills, to learn a lot about a different country and its culture and to make new friends.” (Liane Silva)

„I enjoyed learning the Portuguese language and we had so much fun together…” (Michal Helwing)

„The visit gave us the chance to notice similarities and differences between our customs. I can’twait to meet them again.” (Przemek Grzesiak)