Comenius Meeting in Lousado, Portugal

Between 14th and 23rd March, the second meeting of our Comenius Project “Europe: so far, so near“ took place at FORAVE – Associação para a Educação Profissional do Vale do Ave, in Lousado.
The Polish students and teachers met the Portuguese team to carry out the planned activities and to discuss and evaluate the project.
It was a time full of activities. Ice-breaking games which allowed the students to get to know each other and to make new friends; students´ presentations about school systems and traditions; field trips
to Barcelos, Braga, Guimarães and Porto; a stop at the beach in Esposende; sports events; an “Arraial” (a Portuguese traditional festivity) with Polish and Portuguese music and meetings to discuss the products that had already been made and to plan the final one – a booklet/DVD with all the research and presentations done by the students.
There was also time for students to write their reports and to find out how well they got to know each other through some crosscultural comparisons with all the information they got during the two
years of the project.

Here are some pictures of our second and last meeting.