“Vindimas” in Portugal

“Vindimas” is an important tradition related with the annual wine harvest which runs from the end of September to the last week in October. People gather to help family and friends and hard work becomes more pleasant.

Grape-pickers, adults and children, work beneath the Portuguese sun while they talk about daily things, tell jokes and sing traditional songs. The grapes are picked, as many as possible and as quickly as possible, into straw or plastic baskets and carried to the cellars for grape-treading.

Some people think this is the jolliest part of the whole wine producing process, because workers spend their time up to their thighs in purple grape  which they crush while singing. After this process, we taste de “vinho doce”, the very first wine of the yearThe day always ends with a traditional meal – “broa” (Portuguese corn bread) with “chouriço” (cured sausage) and “Vinho Verde” (Portuguese typical wine), and some dancing and singing.