“Santo António” in V.N. Famalicão

Every town and village in Portugal has a patron saint, so many Portuguese traditions include celebrations of popular Saints.  Since the late nineteenth century, “Festas Antoninas” have been considered the most important festivities of V. N. Famalicão, the city where our school is situated in.

Held annually in June, this festivity includes a religious procession with the statue of the patron saint (“Santo António”) after Mass, several traditional music performances, fireworks and the renowned “marchas”, a parade of the inhabitants from the city’s different quarters who carry arches made out of brightly-coloured paper.

Streets become impregnated with the scent of  rosemary, “caldo verde” (cabbage and potato soup), “sardinha assada” (grilled sardines), bread and red wine and people dance and eat in the streets.