S. Gonçalo´s Festivities

Some of the students from our school, and from the Comenius team, are from Trofa, a city not far from Lousado. And it´s in Trofa, more precisely in a place called Covelas that it´s held a traditional festivity in honour of S. Gonçalo.
A centenarian festivity considered unique because thousands of pilgrims from the nearby cities gather in groups and go to the S. Gonçalo´s Chapel, in hilly Covelas, to pay their respect, but they do it on foot, by bike, and on horseback! This festivity is so important that it´s said that on this day all roads lead to S. Gonçalo´s Chapel.
And this year, on the third weekend of January, we were among the pilgrims. Some of us joined a group and went there by bike and others went on foot. It wasn´t an easy task, but “faith moves mountains” and feeling a bit tired and dusty, we finally arrived to the chapel.
After praying and being blessed by touching the saint´s robe, we wondered around the traditional market, ate typical Portuguese goodies like “rojões”, “bifanas” and “farturas” and watched some folk dances.