Coordinator School

FORAVE – ASSOCIAÇÃO PARA A EDUCAÇÃO PROFISSIONAL DO VALE DO AVE is a vocational/technical private school located in the North of Portugal.

Established in 1990, FORAVE has level III courses (equivalent to upper secondary school) and level II courses (equivalent to lower secondary school) and our main aim is the preparation of qualified youngsters for active life. We have always given a great importance to an individualized education, with a strong emphasis given to professional traineeships.

There are also EFA courses, included in the longlife learning national education plan, through which adult students have voluntarily returned to school and are trying to improve or acquire skills and school certificates they didn’t have the opportunity of getting when they were supposed to and when they were in a regular school.

Forave is also an active partner of the enterprises, the community and the local associations.

At this moment there are four different level III courses at our school, a Technical Course in Management, a Technical Course in Industrial Maintenance, a Technical Course in Electronics, Automation and Control and a Technical Course in Food Quality Control.

The Level II courses are related Electricity and Social Services.

Our school is situated in the Ave Valley, a geographical region greatly affected by the economical crisis of the textile companies, once its great source of wealth. Most of our students belong to families with very low incomes and at risk of giving up school. So, our main aim is the preparation of qualified youngsters, who can answer to the demands of the market and who can live creative, fruitful and successful lives in this new world.